ECATA (European Consortium for Advanced Training in Aerospace)

ECATA is a consortium of leading aerospace universities and industries from seven European countries.

The mission of ECATA is to strengthen European aerospace industry by offering a unique Aerospace Business Integration (ABI) course for high potential professionals from the business. 

Target population are young managers with a 5 to 10 years experience, being selected to become leaders in European and international programs.

The ECATA ABI course is conducted each year between January and April, during 10 weeks off the job, training at 2 different ECATA universities (2 different countries). The course is organized in three intensive residential sessions, participants returning to their home workplace in between.

The course content is the following :

  • International Aerospace Environment
  • Systems Architecture and Integration
  • Product life cycle and supply chain management
  • Multinational Program Management
  • Multicultural team work (seminars, workshops, projects...)
  • Personal Development, Leadership and Team Building

The ABI course aims to :

  • Develop skills and experience needed to lead a team/program in a international/intercultural multi-partner aeronautical environment
  • Have a broad view of the aerospace industry environment: markets, business models, politics, players, mergers, regulations…
  • Get the ability to understand aerospace engineering from an overall perspective
  • Experience multicultural cooperation, multinational teambuilding and team working
  • Take advantage of knowledge of other players and be aware of working practices of other companies
  • Discover their talents beyond own limits (knowledge of own personality and self-awareness)
  • Become part of an active ECALAS network of fellow professionals and experts

ECALAS (ECATA Alumni Association) is the living network gathering the 400 graduates from the ECATA ABI course since 1992. 

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